Are you a SCUBA diver seeking new dive sites, in need of a buddy, or looking for an organized dive so you can just show up and blow bubbles?   Then you've found the right place - Dive Club of Silicon Valley.

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The DCOSV welcomes divers at any level of certification.   Whether you have only four or over a thousand dives, are a warm water diver or cold water enthusiast, world traveler or Monterey Bay specialist, then you are invited to come and see what the DCOSV is all about.

Our website offers information about our club meetings and the many events and activities that we enjoy throughout the year.   Some of the events range from local diving to organized charity events like the REEF annual fish count.   We also like to eat, so many of our dive and non-dive events are based around food!

DCOSV members also receive exclusive benefits and perks, so there's cool stuff involved too.   We also have club members who like to take the art of photography down below, so scattered throughout the site you may find pictures contributed by some of our club members.

Guests are welcome to our site, our club meetings, and any of our events and activities.
Feel free to check us out, and we hope to see you at the next meeting.  Here's to great vis!

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