Altitude Class

Jim Van Gogh is offering the club an Altitude Class on May 31/June 01. The class is listed under the “Events” section of this website. Jim will be at the next meeting, April 16, to answer any questions. Bring $20 to secure your spot!

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Highlights of Meeting on March 5th

Met at Round Table Pizza in SVL at 7:30 

  •     Recent Local Diving:
    •   Several members dove at Monastery 3 weeks ago –  really great dives (no  comment about how easy the exit was or wasn’t…)
    •    Bob, Tim, Don and Jan did Lovers #1 – went out to a pinnacle with lots of interesting life and saw a Cabazon *almost* the size of a VW (really!!!)
  •  Upcoming Altitude Class:
    •  Altitude class coming up offered by Jim Van Gogh
    • Camp sites at Sugar Pine Point State Park, the weekend after Memorial Day
    • Will dive at D.L.Bliss State Park, a beautiful site  –   details are on the DCOSV site
    • Contact Jim if interested
  •  Critter of the Week:
    • This is a new event at each dive club meeting
    • This week: Pycnopodia Helianthoides (aka Sunstar)
    • Range : Aleutian Islands to Baja, CA
    • Habitat: Rocky and soft bottoms
    • Juveniles: start off with 5 arms and grow to have as many as 24!!!!
    • Color: varies from purple to brown to orange
  • Agenda for next meeting on March 19th:
    • How good is your emergency plan?
    • Critter of the week:  Kellet’s Whelk
      • If you have pictures of a Kellet’s Whelk from a local dive site, please send your pictures to Mike (  so we can share real-world examples of what they look like in our area
      • He needs them by March 18th;


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DOCSV Meeting on Feb 19, 2014


  • Walt ran the meeting this week

  • We asked for ideas for speakers and topics for future events at the club meetings – if you have an idea, please see a board member – we’d love to hear from you!

  • Local Dives:

    • Keithen, Mike and Walt did the midweek sunset dive at McAbee on Wednesday; Flat, flat water with 25′+   vis, as far as your flashlight would penetrate; no octopus, but sand dabs, crabs, etc; lots of bioluminescence, very cool

    • Marcello and Jim; great day at Breakwater on Saturday; horrid dives at Pt Lobos on Sunday – very heavy surge and vis of only  ~2 ft.

  • Jim recently played with the DUI heated undergarments – keep you toasty warm; DUI will demo them at the demo days at Breakwater in June (go to their web site early and sign up if you want to try them)

  • Jim showed us a great video of diving the barge at Breakwater (most of us didn’t even know there WAS a barge at breakwater…)  and gave directions on how to get out to it

  • Jim is organizing an altitude dive weekend at Tahoe  (May 30 & 31); he’s reserved a campsite;  sign-up will be on our web site

    Next meeting on March 5th – see you there!

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Meeting Recap – Feb 5th

Met at Round Table Pizza in SVL at 7:30

  • New Members: We welcomed several new members: David and Richard
  • Recent Diving:
    • Pt lobos on Jan 19th was great with 33 dive club participants and 27 divers in the water; at 25′ there was 2′ vis; at 30′ it cleared to 30+’ vis; the boat was there and took divers around the corner to Blue Fish Cove for some great dives
    • Bart went to Florida and dove in Key Largo for great diving (too warm for a shortie!)
  • Kayaking: Mike is currently working to perfect his dive-kayaking skills; he’ll talk about diving from a kayak at the club after he gets a few more dives under his belt
  • February  Shore dive:
    • McAbee Beach for a NIGHT Dive
    • It’s on Cannery Row between Hoffman  and Prescott, right by El Torito’s
    • Feb 12 (next Wednesday) at 5:30pm; great site for macro photography!
    • If anyone is interested in getting certified as a night diver, contact Mike Davis – he’ll be glad to help you get night diver certified
    • Bring 2 lights, a tank light, a compass,  and money for Mexican food and/or margaritas after the diving
    • We should see lots of octopus!!!
    • Details will be on web site shortly; RSVP there
  • Upcoming Club Events:
    • Bowling night
    • Family snorkel
    • Kayak diving
    • Pt Lobos club dive
    • Movie night
    • Fish Count
    • Day after dive
    • Holiday Party
    • Additional suggestions???  – please feel free to suggest other events you’d like the club to sponsor or participate in
  • New Toy Demo:  Mike showed us an IronX camera that partners with a display screen on its paired watch to be able to see what your small camera is shooting.  Great above water with a 50′ range; unfortunately, under water the range seems to be < 15″, not really convenient yet…
  • Next Club meeting: Feb 19th



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Point Lobos Dive Video

This is video I shot on January 19, 2014 at the club’s Point Lobos dive. This was shot with the new Iron X DXG-D01V HD camera. A little blue but I think the camera was easy to use and had some great features. This is the camera I showed everyone on Wednesday’s meeting. Go to

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