February Boat Dive – make your reservation now!!!

Boat Dive: Feb 25th
Hi Club Members,

We will be doing an afternoon dive on the Sanctuary. This is a 2 tank dive leaving K Dock in Monterey at 1:30 PM. (be there by 1:00 PM.) Cost is $92. Note that Sanctuary only accommodates 6 divers! (They do not refill tanks during the trip, but you can reserve tanks and weights from them.)
To find out more about Sanctuary dive charters, you can log on to their web site: www.sanctuarycharters.com or go directly to their reservation system: https://app.timetrade.com/tc/login.do?url=sanctuarycharters

See you there!

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Upcoming Speakers

DCOSV has a number of upcoming speakers:

Speaker on Feb 15th:
Channeling the Islands – Mike Boom, Videographer

Over the past four years, videographer Mike Boom and his wife Lynn have joined renowned underwater filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall on a live-aboard dive boat for an annual five-day dive trip in the Channel Islands in southern California. Mike will present a video recollection of those dives featuring gyrating sea lions, amorous sea hares, menacing giant sea bass, grumpy fringeheads, scurrilous divers, an agitated octopus, an oddly friendly bat ray, and a literal cast of millions (if you count plankton). Bonus points if you bring your own seaweed snacks.
Mike will also present some video shorts from diverse dive destinations around the world.
Mike has been shooting underwater video since 2001. He worked as the video pro on the live-aboard Nai'a in Fiji, and has had his videos featured in underwater film festivals around the world. You can see some of his shorts at LaughingEelVideo/videos

Speaker on March 1st - Dirk Hohndel
Open Source Maintainer of Subsurface – a free dive log on your computer

Do you dive with a dive computer?
Do you log your dives?
Subsurface is a free (as in, open source and also no cost, no ads, no catch) dive log that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It supports most common dive computers and makes it easy to track your diving (and for the tech divers, you can even plan future dives with it). Subsurface offers free cloud storage of your dive log which allows (password protected) access to your dive log from a web browser or from iOS and Android apps. Dirk is the maintainer of Subsurface and will talk about some of the features of Subsurface, show how it works and answer questions for those interested in learning more about Subsurface.

Speaker on March 15th - Dan Abbot
Central Coast Regional Manager for Reef Check California
Dan will tell us about Reef Check California and the work they are doing

Speaker on April 5th - Todd Steiner
Director of the Turtle Island Restoration Network

Engaging people to take action for marine species and communities
Will talk to us about the research they are doing at Cocos Island

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DCoSV Holiday Celebration

Hi Fellow Clubbies

December 7, 6:30-9:00pm at La Paloma

Food will be served with a no host bar

Families and significant others welcome

Beluga Gift Exchange

Gifts should be approx  $15-$20

Re-gift is welcomed

Please be tasteful children may be present

No one under 21 may receive alcohol

If you bring a guest, please bring a gift for guest to participate in exchange

Have Fun and Enjoy!!



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Fourth Annual Family Snorkel and SCUBA Safari

Family SnorkelIt’s time for the Dive Club of Silicon Valley’s Annual Family Snorkel and SCUBA Safari.  Can you believe we have been doing this for four years now?!  And, I can guaranty that the conditions will be absolutely perfect again this year -- because I will not be bringing my dive gear.

On Sunday, October 30th, the DCoSV will host its fourth annual club snorkeling-diving trip to Monterey.  We hope this year will have lots and lots more family-friendly fun - uh-gain. The snorkeling-dive trip is geared for club members and their non-diver friends, family, and significant others (non-member divers and snorkelers would have to sign a waiver, or better yet aDCoSV membership application).

The plan is to go to Breakwater at San Carlos State Park, conditions permitting.   We would have time for a first dive in the morning and the second dive/surface interval would be the snorkeling, followed by a lunch cook-out around 12:30.  The first dive would be around the usual time of 8:30/9:00.  Snorkelers only would meet a civilized 10:00 or 10:30.  The Aquarius II dive shop at rents wetsuits for kids starting at about age 6 or 7 and rental for the wetsuits are $10 to $35 for a head-to-toe package for the day.  Aquarius has a total of about 10 kids wetsuits.

Bring the whole family and get them in the water!!

Please RSVP so we can get a count for food.

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DCOSV Meeting – Oct 5th

Dr Steve Lonhart of SIMON will be at our Oct 5th meeting to share details of his recent research trip to Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines. He'll also share some of his pictures from the trip. Should be a very interesting and informative presentation.

See you at 7:00 on Wed, the 5th!!!

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