Open House on Feb 3rd – All Divers Welcome!!!

DOCSV is having an Open House on Feb 3rd. All divers are welcome to come visit the club and hear our great speaker, Dr Steve Lonhart of SIMoN, talk about the impact of El Nino on our oceans : "Caught Between the Blob and El Nino: What's a Marine Critter to Do?".

    * Free Pizza and Munchies for everyone
    * Join us and discover what DCOSV can provide to you: diving education, local dives, social events
    * Starts at 7pm

    Round Table Pizza, 1220 Oakmead Pkwy, Sunnyvale

    See you there!!!

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Upcoming Club Events

Events planned for Q1:
- Bowling Night on Jan 31st
- Afternoon and night dive on Feb 10th in Monterey
- Boat dive on Feb 28th
- Pt Lobos: diving and lunch on March 19th

You can still participate in the bowling and the dives on Feb 10th. Join us if you can...

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Ano Nuevo Pictures – January 24th

Año Nuevo - Ken C.
Sleeping in the mud puddle....

Año Nuevo - Judy J.B.
Looking down into the hatchery

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Año Nuevo Trip

For this month's Club dive we… went for a hike.  About 20 Club members were led on a docent-guided tour of Año Nuevo.  The guided tour took us down on the beach to the elephant seals which use the beach as their rookery.  It is height of birthing season and we were able to get within 25 feet of the seals.

Some of the things we learned on the tour:

  • In 1930, there were fewer that 100 elephant seals.
  • Today, now that they are protected, there are more than 200,000 elephant seals.
  • Their migration ranges from the Aleutian Islands in the north to Año Nuevo in the south.
  • The seals can dive as deep as 1800 meters, without a decompression profile.
  • The pups weigh about 60 pounds when born and can gain as much as 10 pounds a day on their milk which is about 55% fat.
  • A seal can move up to 25 feet in 3 seconds, but then they have to stop and have a rest.

During the tour, we saw hundreds of seals, including pups nursing and males battling for dominance.  It was a pretty good time for a hike, since diving was blown out in Monterey this weekend.  

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Bowling Party

Don't miss out on this fun event

Our Bowling Party January 31 5-7pm

Come be entertained, bring the family/significant other for a night of fun, no matter your bowling skills all are welcome.

$10 for 2 hours of bowling! Shoes included! See Walt at the bowling alley for your exclusive coupon before checking in at the desk

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