DCoSV Annual Membership Drive

It’s that time of year. Our memberships are annual from Jan 1 to December 31.

Three ways to renew.

  • At the next club meeting Nov 19 7:30pm (the join tab), print the forms and bring the completed forms to Walt
  • You can print the membership and liability form and send a check payable to: DCoSV 620 N Ahwanee Terrace Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Att:  DCoSV Secretary
  • You can renew online (coming soon)

For all who have paid for 2015 membership you will receive extra (+1) Raffle ticket at the Raffle on Nov 19th.

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Minutes of DCOSV Meeting on Oct 15, 2014

This week’s meeting included FREE PIZZA, salad bar and Halloween Candy provided by the DCOSV. We had a great turnout!

Recent Local Activities:

- 2 weeks ago Tim organized a club dive to Monestery; calm but so-so vis (green); lots of bright colors in the kelp bed

- Char and Andy dove at Breakwater last weekend; a bit hazy at depth


- Marcello went to Bali and Thailand last month; dove the Phi Phi Islands on the Andaman Sea; good weather but not fantastic vis on many of the dives; huge numbers of fish on some of the dives

- Jim just got back from Guadalupe diving with HUGE Great Whites – he had fascinating  pics of some up-close encounters!!!

Upcoming Club Events:

1. Family Snorkel on Oct 25th

    •  Snorkel, lunch and VIP Tour to the Aquarium; first dive at 8:30am; Mike will lead a group to the barge  (based on the instructions Kim Glenn provided); Please RSVP  to Ken Carter ( ken@kennethrcarter.com) so we have a headcount for lunch;    Details are on the  web site at www.dcosv.org
    • Aquarium tour organized by Keithen Hayenga; VIP Tour of behind the scenes; meet at 1:45 at the tour desk if you have signed up with Keithen; right now it is completely booked up but Keithen will start a wait list in case there are cancellations so contact him if you are interested at keithen.hayenga@gmail.com 

2. Pt Lobos on Nov 15th

    • There are a few spots left; talk to Keithen or Tim if you are interested in going 

Annual Club Elections: 

  • Held elections and voted on the Officers and  Board positions  for 2015
  • Had unanimous confirmation of proposed members of the Officers and Board of Directors for 2015:
  • Officers:
    • President:  Judy Jordan-Biesele
    • Vice President: Walt Schaeffer
    • Secretary:  Kari Larson
    • Treasurer:  Butterfly Randall
    • Past President: Michael Davis
    • Safety Officer:  Mary Vetter
    • Training Officer:  Shannon Hackett
  • Board of Directors:
    • Tim Nakada
    • Keithen Hayenga
    • Kenneth Carter
    • Paul Radpour
    • Marcelo Bossi
    • Richard Walrod

A special thanks to Mike Davis from all the club members for the many years he has headed up DCOSV; he’s done a fantastic job and now he will take on an official new title:  Past President

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Second Annual Family Snorkel/SCUBA Safari and VIP Behind the Scenes Tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Dive Club of Silicon Valley’s Family Snorkel and SCUBA Safari is back by popular demand.

On Saturday, October 25th, DCoSV will host its second annual club snorkeling-diving trip to Monterey.  We hope this year will have lots and lots more family-friendly fun. The snorkeling-dive trip is geared for club members and their non-diver friends, family, and significant others (non-member divers and snorkelers would have to sign a waiver, or better yet a DCoSV membership application).

The plan is to go to Breakwater at San Carlos State Park, conditions permitting.   We would have time for a first dive in the morning and the second dive/surface interval would be the snorkeling, followed by a second dive or lunch/cook-out.  The first dive would be around the usual time of 8:30/9:00.  Snorkelers only would meet a civilized 9:00 or 9:30.  The Aquarius II dive shop at rents wetsuits for kids starting at about age 6 or 7 and rental for the wetsuits are $10 to $35 for a head-to-toe package for the day.  Aquarius has a total of about 10 kids wetsuits.

As a special treat after lunch, the DCoSV will have its own private, VIP tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium at 2:00 PM.  The VIP tour includes both behind the scenes in front of the exhibits demonstrations, such as the 3 story kelp forest exhibit.  We will meet at the information desk at 1:45.  The Tour can include up to 15 visitors and costs $13 per person, plus admission to the Aquarium. Space is limited so please RSVP right away.

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Congratulations Richard Walrod!!

The 2014 Montery Shootout was conducted August 8 & 9, Richard Walrod, one of our members, competed and was awarded second place for Beginer Macro Unrestricted. To see his image and other results, go to Monterey Shootout 2014 Results 

Scroll down that page and you may view other entrants including some by member John Thackara.

Way to go Richard and now maybe you’ll share some of your images at a meeting!!

Mike Davis

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Recap of DCOSV Meeting on July 2nd

Local Diving:  

-          Ken and Marcello:  Carmel State Beach – surfaced in kelp and needed a machete to get back; before that, had great conditions with 30′+ vis; found a great wall at about 60′

-          Marcella and Octavio went boat diving with Mike and Tom;  a test run with their new boat; went to the Metridium Fields – lots more fun from a boat!

-          Terry did Monastery Beach a few weeks ago; took a picture of an anemone trying to eat a Salp

-          Kim: enjoys going out to the barge from the Breakwater wall; some kind soul has now attached a survey line from #11 to take you to the barge in about 15 mins; 3 Wolf Eels live there as well as sheep crabs, etc.  Takes at least 45 mins for this dive so you’ll need to be good on your air – make sure you have a signal tube in case you need to surface while still in the boat channel

-          Several members were on the Vision to the Big Sur for 3 days;  rough on the way out; very challenging diving with a lot of swell and surge; difficult exits; fantastic diving with an amazing amount of life on the pinnacles

-          Bob B, Mike, Kari  and others went out on the Peace two weeks ago; got up to 15 dives in 2.5 days;  had strong currents but still had good dives over the trip; went to Catalina and Santa Cruz Islands


Exotic  diving:

-          Char and Andy did 2 drift dives in Palm Beach and 2 more dives in St Martin as well as a bunch of snorkeling; saw the biggest turtle they had ever seen on one of the Palm Beach dives; lots of sharks and a nice wreck, too.


-          July 26th, Saturday

-          -RSVP by registering on the website so we can buy enough food for everyone

-          Mike is offering Basic Fish ID classes before then; more info on the DCOSV site

-          See Kari if you want to order this year’s Fish Count t-shirt ($15,or $16 for a v-neck); they are navy blue and  white; sizes available:  children’s all the way to XXL

-          Moving from Lover’s Beach to Breakwater  because the city is closing Lover’s beach that day;


Day-After Dive:

-          6th Annual Pt Lobos Day-After Dive

-          This is one of the best dive sites in our area!!! 

-          Reserve on the DCOSV site or talk to Walt to reserve your spot…


Next meeting:

-           July 16th; Shannon will run that meeting; bring your pictures!!!


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